Untitled 4

The story of 

a mother’s love

is that it’s



The first 

love we know

and the last 

love we 

cry out for

But I know 


and the love I see

is deep in the bones

wavers between 

firm and yielding 

can be fractured

is holy and 


The Mother Myths

Our very own  Zoë Etkin has released her third book, The Mother Myths,  a collection of poems that explores what society tells us makes a “good mother,” and how those myths and narratives create internalized tension, self-doubt, and shame in new mothers. The poems in The Mother Myths span from the time of childbirth through the first few years postpartum, chronicling the tender beauty of this time, as well as the deep grief of lost identity and changed body. This collection puts the raw and real aspects of the postpartum period into the light for all to see, exposing what so many mothers go through in the Western version of parenthood. Any mother who reads this collection is sure to find a piece of her own experience somewhere in the book, and in doing so, knows she is not alone.

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