First Day of Kindergarten Drop Off

Today is the day that all parents envision,

when they bring their little’s into this world.

A day that felt so far away and is already here.

I have to be honest,

this day came so much faster 

than I could have ever imagined.

Seems like just yesterday, I was comforting the parents of my Kindergarten students, giving them courage, reassurance and encouraging words. The children were always ready, but it was the parents, who I noticed struggled more, especially on those first few days at drop off.

Now I see how fast time flies, in a blink of an eye. Now I see why tears were shed on the school campus those days, when I was the Kindergarten teacher. I knew it then, but have an even better understanding now, what an amazing accomplishment, to raise a healthy and bright Kindergartener.


The night before your big day,

You laid out all of your clothes,

Excited for your first day.

That mornings drop off, left a lasting imprint on my heart.

You woke up early, excited to start your day.

Before I knew it, you were dressed, 

and asking for me to give you two Elsa braids. 

We showed up at school on that first day, a few minutes early,

And you found a few of your preschool friends to play on the swings with.

A smile beamed from your face, being with your friends again.

Especially after enduring three years in a global pandemic.

We both wore our matching pink First Day of Kindergarten bracelets.

I savored our hand hold from the car to your play ground that morning. 

As I know, naturally the hand holds are becoming less and less these days.

Nevena, you were so ready, 

you just waved and said, “bye mom!” with excitement in your voice

and a big smile on your face, and that one dimple shining bright.

You didn’t even need a hug from me. 

But I still asked for one, 

and you happily gave me a very soothing hug,

And that hug, I held onto. 

With a dear preschool friend holding your hand tight, you beamed,

I’m ready, just by the look on your face.

You walked into your new kindergarten room with confidence, strength, and grace.

You are a bright light, ready to absorb the world around you.

I couldn’t be more proud of the human you are.

May you walk humbly, with kindness, strength and passion.

You have so much to offer this world. 

Can’t wait to see all that you accomplish.

You are truly the greatest gift, 

and have taught me so much about myself in our short time together. 

Can’t wait to see you learn and grow.

Keep shining my love. 

With love, your Mama.

And now I need a moment to saviour this pride and honor,

With all the time and energy, I have poured into this child, 

she is off to great places, I know she is.

And I’m here to give all the Mama’s,

feeling all the feels,

on these back to school days,

a virtual hug,

a pat on the back,

What an amazing accomplishment!

Congrats, we did it! 

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